Hailey Bieber wears Superga®

Hailey Rhode Bieber, appointed as the face of Superga® for 2021 

continues to shine as the global ambassador, 

perfectly embodying the brand’s attitude with an effortless 

yet chic girl next-door style in the new campaign.

The Fall/Winter 2021 campaign embraces Hailey’s youthful energy

and upbeat personality, which remains an ever-present essence of

the Superga® brand and focuses on the concept of timeless style,

which is one of the core values of the brand.

Hailey is wearing: 2750 Organic Canvas Natural Dye

“When I think of timeless style I think of something 

that transcends different generations. 
Superga is a brand that has withstood the test of time.
The classic styles and sustainability of the brand make it a closet staple.”

- Hailey Rhode Bieber

Hailey is wearing (clockwise): 2341 Alpina Ripstop; 2790 Tank; 2630 Stripe; 799 Rubber Boots Lettering


The campaign was shot outside of the Tennis and Riding Club in Malibu,

California where, once again, an all-female team came together to

capture the supermodel in a uniquely feminine and intimate setting

across the beach sands of the premiere ocean-front equestrian

property. The campaign was shot by former painter, illustrator, and

animal rights activist, Zoey Grossman, who captured the young talent

through her signature narrative of dreamy elegance. New York based

stylist and fashion editor, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, returned to place

her unmistakable mark in capturing Hailey in a series of multi-textured

cross-era looks around the Superga® sneakers.

Hailey is wearing: 2706 OG

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Superga startades 1911 i Turin i Italien, då Walter Martiny började producera gummisulade skor. 1925 utökade Walter sin design med en ny sko med vulkaniserad gummisula och den ikoniska Superga 2750 Cotu Classic föddes. Efter kriget startade Superga om produktionen och då utökades sortimentet till att även innefatta högkvalitativa sneakers i olika varianter. På 1970-talet utökade Superga sortimentet ytterligare för att lägga till sportskor med diverse tekniska attribut i sortimentet.


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